les limites de la connerie humaine

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shlon a dit…

mmh, ce format est plus compatible avec la mise en page que l'autre.

gabrielf a dit…

en effet :)

Anonyme a dit…

Moi ze veux un pistolet comme ca!

suburbankidswithbibicalnames a dit…

Desole d'eter rabat-joie mais j'ai qqes interrogations. Peut-on sauver des gens malgre leur desir de se sacrifier? Et qui porte une responsabilite sur ces enfants?

Ceux qui sont contre le gouvernement libanais parleront de l'absence de l'etat et ceux qui sont hostiles au Hezb et a ses methodes parleront du verrouillage de la communaute chiite au Sud. En exemple au maintien de cette relation de dependance, je rappelle qu'au debut de ce conflit, le hezb avait interdit l'acces a leurs camps de refugies aux organisations non-chiites qui voulaient apporter de l'aide.

La responsabilite incombe donc aux deux mais dans quelles proportions? que pensez-vous de cet endoctrinement? Que peut-on faire pour eux? Les pencourager a se battre? Les regarder impuissants ? Ou les dissuader? et comment les dissuader? Quelle est la part entre l'appel au suicide collectif et l'action heroique? Est-ce responsable de lancer ces appels? Que pensez-vous des enfants refugies de sanayeh recitant le couplet appellant au sacrifice?

Dr Victorino de la Vega a dit…

Prof. Juan Cole sums up the situation north of the Sicaric Republic of Phariseestan:

The death toll late Tuesday stood at 235 people killed in Lebanon and 25 in Israeli. About half of the Israeli deaths were military personnel. Only a handful of the Lebanese deaths have been military, and only a fraction of those have been Hizbullah fighters. In fact, have even ten Hizbullah guerrillas been killed by the Israelis since this fight began? They say it is a fight with Hizbullah. But then they bomb Greek Orthodox churches and milk factories far from Shiite areas. Hmmmm

Dr Victorino de la Vega a dit…

"Is it the cries of brown children with flies in their eyes" says British blogger-poet P. Iscariot.

For Tex-Aviv couture house this season brown is the new black.

It's clearly a dirty color, the color of feces, Mohammedans and Hispanics.

The color of Arabian olive oil and Spanish grease.

Brown is also the color of terrorism: just look at the post-mortem pictures of Che Guevara and Zarqawi, and the fetid corpses of Shiite children littering south Lebanon’s valley of death...

Bushmert’s phosphorus bombs will bleach their oily skin and purify their dark souls.

Anonyme a dit…

I would like to thanks, the Olmert’ government and the generals of Tsahal.

Thank-you first, for saving the Arab tourist who were going to corrupt their soul in the bars and brothels of Beirut this summer.

Thank-you, for proving to the Israeli people, your intellectual short sight, your inability to project yourself in the future or to have a coherent policy; the limits of unilateral withdraw or the security fence.
Thank-you, for showing that Patriot or Arrow armament systems (which cost is close to 40 millions of dollars) are totally useless against Katioushka rockets (which costs no more than a thousand of dollars).
Thank-you to console the 11% of Israeli unemployed that their sacrifices were vain.

Thank-you for Chirac as well, for ending his political career with an international dimension.

Thank-you, in the name of Lebanon for sweeping out these infrastructures that disfigured the landscapes of the country.
Thank-you for hitting indistinctively all the regions of Lebanon. To give rise to spontaneous movements of solidarity between the Lebanese population. To have throwed out 500,000 persons on the roads. To see shi’a refugee in Ashrafieh or in the Chouf. Thank-you again, for helping us to turn definitively the page of the civil war, by showing us that outside of the Lebanese family there is no salvation. To have proved once more to the Lebanese people the inability and/or the indifference of the Arabic world and international community.
Thank-you also for launching the international career of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. To reinforce the regional position of the Hezbollah against his worse enemy that is al Qaeda. To show that 4000 Lebanese men and some rockets can terrify the fourth largest army in the world.

Thank-you also for pushing the Syrian and Iranian agenda against the capitulation camp.
Thank-you for Syria and especially Bashar Al Assad who was so far only undoing his father achievements.
Thank-you at last, for Iran that has now whole latitude to develop his nuclear program whiles you bombard milk factories.

Thank-you actually for digging your own grave.


Anonyme a dit…

Ce qu'il y a de genial, cher Gabriel, c'est que tu as donne à quelques internautes, cf les derniers posts avant le mien, l'occasion de te montrer qu'ils pouvaient pousser beaucoup plus loin les limites de la connerie humaine.
Ce que j'aimerais? que le gouvernement Olmert et ses generaux brulent sur des buchers. QUe Hassan Nasrallah soit juge a la prison a vie. Et si personne ne le fera, je le ferai.

Lara Croft.

Anonyme a dit…

Moi ce que veux c que les israeliens exterminent les combattants qui veulent en decoudre jusqu'au bout avant de croquer leur pilule de cyanure sur le chemin de retour. Sinon c loose-loose: ni je ne veux que le Hezb ne gagne et ne voit sa politique recompensee, ni je ne veux voir Israel dicter ses exigences sur notre peuple.