Uptown girl, she's been living in this uptown world...

Al-Haqid is impressed with this news item today, WOW.
Usually spoiled bourgeois brats look at proletarian dudes as if they were potential delivery boys, but this is not the case of Hind Hariri. That surely make it up for Saad's failed education. Bravo Hind Hariri (although i know your ugly family will use it like it uses its caritative actions for propaganda purposes, bass bassita, bravo):

Hind Hariri Gets Married
A handout picture released by the press office of Nazek Hariri, the widow of slain former premier Rafik Hariri, shows the couple's daughter Hind Hariri posing for a picture with her groom Anas Karout during their wedding ceremony in Paris. Forbes Magazine listed Hind Hariri, 25, as the wealthiest individual among women under the age of 40 last year. Her wealth is estimated at above one billion US dollars since she inherited a stake from her father's wealth in construction, banking and media holdings, following his assassination in Beirut in 2005. Karout used to be one of her family's bodyguards.

Beirut, 30 Mar 09, 08:12

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Anonyme a dit…

Les erections c'est dans quelques jours...

Personne n'a envie de defendre un peu la patrie de l'ignominie afreuse des autres?

alhaqid a dit…

mbala, t'as raison. mais tu sais, on déprime nous aussi.
les "nôtres" aussi sont pas terribles, même s'ils font moins de fautes.