Jemmayzeh to be Destroyed

This is from Al-Akhbar of today, also displayed in Tayyar.org.
A friend of Al-Haqid tells me to get used to the idea of Beirut being an ugly town (which is practically the case), but i cant help reasonning in another way. For me, beauty -- a product of education and a social tool for division -- is now confined to the interior spheres of social life, only transmitted through parental care, not to be distributed among those who never had the right ethical-state to educated them.
What follows is that we will always see some who mock the poor, not because their poor, but because they're ugly. These distinctions, social divisions, with time, and with amnesia, will pass as natural:
At the end of the day, was'nt Allah Yerhamo the only business man who loved life?

إسقاط الطابع الأثري عن الأشرفية
اتخذ أخيراً قرار بالتعاون بين وزارة الأشغال العامة وبلدية بيروت ومحافظ العاصمة برفع الحظر عن هدما المنازل الاثرية في منطقة الجميزة والاشرفية، والسماح في المقابل بإعمار نحو 17 برجاً في المنطقة، ما يعني أنها ستتحول خلال سنوات غابة إضافية من الباطون.

عدد الجمعة ٣١ آب

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