Sanioura says: Waf waf, waf, waf waf!

This guy is a DOG (kalb), there's no point in sophisticating one's comment on sanioura's behaviour in the political scene, system, crisis...
Sanioura is a dog, with a dog's rethoric.
A dog's rethoric consist of saying waf waf whenever anyone says anything. I give you an example (from annaharonline of today, sunday may the 27th):

السنيورة يرد على نصرالله
وفي تعليق للسنيورة على ما ورد في كلمة نصرالله، تساءل وهو يتحدث الى اذاعة لندن ("بي. بي. سي"): "كيف يمكن ان توفّق بين القول ان الجيش خط احمر وان المخيمات خط احمر؟" وقال: "كنا نتمنى ان يقف نصرالله وكل اللبنانيين بجانب الجيش وكرامة الدولة (...) وان يساعد نصرالله في عملية تسليم هذه المجموعات الى الدولة اللبنانية". (ورأى "ان هناك روابط ما تشير الى علاقة فتح الاسلام بسوريا من خلال الاعترافات، ولكننا لا نزال في حاجة الى تحديد طبيعتها وحجمها".

Can you be more unconsidered to your public???!!!
I mean, could'nt sanioura invent some more elaborate rethoric in order for these segments of the population who support him to have good arguments while discussing politics over a cup of tea with other citizens who support the opposition.
How could Hezbollah "the illegal milicia that opposes the international tribunal and enjoys syrian and iranian support" be now asked to help the goverment bringing outlaws to justice?? I mean, even the opposition who accuses the goverment of financing the extremists of Fath el Islam isnt asking Sanioura of "helping the army". In fact, president Aoun expressly asked Sanioura to shut up, and let the army do what it wants.

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shrrr a dit…

kayfa youmkein min mounazama ta3tabir nafsiha "AL moukawama al LOUBANIYA" an ta2khoth mawkeif ka hatha?
keef moumkein enu te3teber enu yali 3am bi seer mesh mafroud tsei3eid fi GHASBAN 3AN RA2SIHA WA 3AN RA2S YALI KHALAFOUWA???
bel aseis al argument bi hamel sleihon houwé enon moukawamé lebneinyé... lesh yali 3am bi seer lyom wein 3am bi seer? bi zimbabwé???

haqido, ana mahalak brouh be3od bel mcdo, w beikol happy meal, w besrod shway 3a Ronald, w beskot...

haqido...i love uuuu
hahahahahahahhahah, bas 3anjad enu mesh logique khayi, walaw???

erase this post fawran, ahsan ma ana ejy w emheek 3an al woujoud w eb3at al sounna 3ala jamei3tak ( the "H" word)

haqid a dit…

haqid mentek 3ardo