Une Position Idiote et Sophistiquée Existe, si si !

Sur ce link un article de Charif Majdalani, titré « Conflictuelle identité libanaise » avec pour sous titre « Le Hezbollah porte la responsabilité de l'échec d'un moment crucial de l'histoire du pays », cet article est écrit pour Libération. Il m’a été recommandé par certains des lecteurs du blog « Les Niouzes » (que je remercie), j’y ai tardivement jeté un coup d’œil et j’ai trouvé valable de le commenter.
Veuillez noter comment la bourgeoisie libanaise, par la plume de Charif Majdalani qui aime écrire sur les grandes maisons et apprécie les belles choses, comment cette bourgeoisie aime ignorer dans l'élaboration intellectuelle et sophistiquée de son racisme de classe tout ce qui logiquement ne lui convient pas, dans ce cas en particulier la position politique (pourtant pratiquement casse-tête et incontournable avant le 12 juillet) du général Aoun et son publique à majorité chrétienne qu'on ne saurait traiter de "docile" -- car d’abord ça serait ridicule et car on vit en zone chrétienne (on étant le bougnoule qui a écrit le texte) -- et autres conneries dont ce texte abonde suivant les préjugés véhiculé par la presse occidentale et malheureusement par certains de nos media locaux et donc, de nouveau, qu'on ignore.
Et cet intérêt réductionniste et ennuyant pour la "recherche d'identité", sorte d’essentialisme dont K. Popper a démontré le caractère fasciste et nuisible ici, sous couvert de Belle Ame Majdalanienne, placé face à l’identité horrible et et monstrueuse et barbare et terroriste (à la limite) et… pas belle du tout, de l’autre (toujours dans la logique Majdalanienne). Et j'en passe.
Néanmoins, cela reste un point de vue typique qu’il faut prendre en compte, pour tout prendre en compte.

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Anonyme a dit…

si seulement il pouvait y arriver un miracle, et que alhaqid arrete de commenter. si seulement. je serai prete a une semaine de chastete.

Lara Croft

Dr Victorino de la Vega a dit…

Yeah… Charif Majdalani…

Just another Saudi-sponsored “independent” Hummustani ‘Mussaqqaf’…
Saudi money has no odor as they say around the stinky boroughs of Qoreytem and (not so) Grand Sérail!

My old blogging friend C.E. The Republican Realist wrote a razor-sharp assessment of the “Franco-American” draft resolution currently being debated at the UN:

But this is diplomacy as a tactic in a war. Warfare these days has appropriated many venues that it never before occupied: garage door remotes, CNN, diplomacy, and .pdf files. That's a partial list and the process has been ongoing for some time. It seems that Lebanon (with the coaxing of Hezbollah?) is trying to present an alternative to the DOA Franco-American resolution.

But, frankly, the UN resolution they’re cooking in New York is far more American (>90%+) than say “French” (less than 9.99%) or Botswana-ean.

A relatively easy way to gauge the ideological/linguistic origin of any (draft) UN resolution is simply to count the number of “Gallicisms” and other “Latinisms”: and (unlike say varied UN resolutions on topics such as Bosnia, Sudan…etc.) there are very few of these semantic indicators in the Neocon-engineered text currently being discussed in New York- a draft to which an ailing Chirac probably only gave his ex-post blessings…

Why you may ask?

Why would France abdicate (what’s left of her dwindling) influence in the last remnant of its former MENA empire (North Africa was lost long time ago to a conglomerate bringing together Exxon, Chevron, Boeing and the Pentagon)?

The answer is quite straightforward: K.S.A., Iran’s real archenemy- as opposed to fake foes such as Israel, Pakistan and Botswana!

With the barrel of oil at $ 85., the French (and most governments on the face of the earth for that materialistic matter) would sell their daughters to the power-hungry princes of Riyadh.

And the “moderate” [??] Saudi rulers and their pliable “pro-Western” Haririst friends in power in Beirut want Hezbollah crushed at any price.

The spoiled 'rentiers' kids of Arabia are used to be surrounded by cohorts of slaves who always do their bidding: Lebanese cooks, British engineers, Pakistani chauffeurs, Moroccan escort girls…etc.

That’s why the Saudis sincerely thought President Bushmert would be happy to satisfy their monarchic good pleasure and flush out “pro-Iranian” scum from the royal playgrounds of Beirut and the Casino du Liban!

Problem is that, in real life (i.e. outside of Arabia’s air-conditioned palaces), no one will do a dirty and expensive job on your behalf for free… Just like the Faustian characters of old, the decadent desert princes are starting to freak out, for Bushmert has come to ask for the price of his services: the soul of Saud.

Anonyme a dit…

well said my friend.
it is true saudis have just poured into the central bank reserves more than 1.5 billion dollars, resulting in the fact that people like you can buy a dollar for 1500 LBP instead of 15000.
nevertheless, a gould lebanese should criticize everything, including those from who he is, whether you want it or not, getting a profit.
tell me, brilliant mind, what other solution do you have to propose, except criticizing stupidly???
i would rather go for the smelly saudi who is putting money in my CB rather than the bunch of assholes who are waging stupid wars leading to the destruction of the country.

JoseyWales a dit…

It appears that dying (or supporting the death of others I should say) is better than being "bourgeois" in some circles.

Author does get a couple of points for knowing Popper.

Dunno if I'll read Majdalani.

Agree with the post title though. Many idiots are very sophisticated (or vice-vega, oops I mean vice-versa).

alhaqid a dit…

Dr Vega stick to the subject.
i will not tolerate any posting of any article not related to the topic. Last warning. 3aw 3aw.

Leba-none a dit…

propagons du visuel.....stop le bla bla pour cette guerre on a besoin de visuel...faites des visus et mettez les sur leba-none


chapichapo a dit…

L'offensive des gentils profs de l'USJ kilfotondr continue avec aujourd'hui un article ds Libé d'une cruche qui enseigne à l'USJ (pléonasme) : Katia Haddad. Katia, j'ai tjrs trouvé que ca faisait pute, la faute à christian clavier sans doute... Le programme : Hezb (les affreux) vs Democratie (les gentils ie ploutocratie oligarcho-confessionelle de notre bonne vieille notabilité dont la haine de classe n'est plus a démontrer...)